Love Language is a lighthearted visual novel where YOU get to play as a young sapphic confessing your feelings to your oblivious best friend by creating the ultimate bouquet! Choose different combinations of flowers and see if you can win Jodie's heart! There are 8 different endings--see if you can get them all! Or at least try to get a good one.

Final project for CDM 175!


Remember--after the intro screen, use arrow keys to advance!

SPACE to advance when prompted and to select flowers, LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to navigate through narration and dialogue, 1/2/3 to view flowers, Q to quit in app, ESC to quit in browser.

HUGE thanks to babyjeff for drawing the flowers and to Isuph for helping with the code, I couldn't have finished this without either of you. Check out Dragon Man: Reignited if you like games! (Look it up on Youtube or Gamejolt!)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel


Download 33 MB
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For my first try, I made the ultimate friendzone bouquet on purpose to mess with the protag ehehe. But this is a cute game. 


aw lol thank you, im glad you enjoyed it!

This was short but sweet. I'm not sure how many endings I got but I had fun. 10/10


wow thank you so much for making a video, I’m really glad you liked the game!! :’D

You're welcome, keep up the good work.

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Thanks for making the game. While you play the game, there should be a little box called "controls" so people could remember controls without having to push the back button. Also, it won't let me progress through the game. I was pushing the arrow keys on my computer.

thank you for your feedback!! do you happen to remember which part of the game you got stuck on?

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At the beginning. Also, I think I just needed to refresh my page because the game works now.